What’s Ahead for Lawyers after the Recession

A senior reporter for the North Carolina Lawyers Weekly called me recently. She was writing an article titled “Career Progressions and Stages of Lawyer Development.” We spent 45 minutes on the telephone discussing my reflections as a career consultant who has been counseling lawyers for the past 18 years.

For decades prior to the 2007 onset of the recession, lawyers had an understanding that if they achieved their J.D. degree and did satisfactory work or better, there would be employment opportunities for them. Even Tier- 3 law school graduates or those who may have finished in the bottom half of their law school class could find work. [Read more…]

Law Practice Management

I am reminded of reading a recent obituary in the New York Times about Brooks Thomas, a former CEO of Harper & Row, the distinguished national publishing house.  Thomas, a Pennsylvania native, had been with an elite New York City Law Firm.  He left to become general counsel and then CEO of the company. “I felt if I stayed in a law firm I’d spend my whole life knowing more and more about less and less,” he was quoted saying. [Read more…]

The Helping Hand of Lawyer Assistance Programs

Lawyer Assistance Program professionals understand that life’s circumstances can cause emotional stress, depression, loss of self-esteem and a feeling of being out of control. Whether related to employment, family or other personal problems, substance abuse or other health problems, help is only a phone call away. Confidential professional and peer assistance is available. All that is required to begin the assistance process is a confidential, no-obligation, toll-free telephone call to a qualified care professional at the Lawyers’ Confidential Helpline. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and holidays. [Read more…]